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Mission Statement

The Rio Verde Fire District's is responsible for protecting the life and property of the communities we serve and as a member agency of the Phoenix Regional Automatic Aid System. We do this through the execution of the following: 

•    Fire suppression
•    Emergency medical services (EMS)
•    Emergency transportation services
•    Hazardous materials mitigation
•    Technical rescue
•    Fire code enforcement
•    Community risk reduction

The Rio Verde Fire District will deliver these services with a focus on excellent customer service. 

Vision Statement

With commitment, dedication and pride, the Rio Verde Fire District's vision is to ensure the continual development of a highly reliable organization to protect life and property. We will ensure this mission through continuing education, progressive training, and innovation. We will further our reliability by continually promoting a healthy work environment for our members through professional growth and personal wellness. The Rio Verde Fire District will foster a culture of ownership, accountability, and continual improvement to meet our obligation to those we serve. 

Organizational Values


The Rio Verde Fire District is a highly reliable organization. This is demonstrated through the competence and dependability of our response system. The foundation for this comes from our highly dedicated members.



We are pleasant, good natured, and kind. We demonstrate this in how we care for those we serve and each other.


We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. It is essential that who we serve and our members can trust us to take care of them in the most vulnerable situations. We practice this value with each other and throughout the Rio Verde Fire District.



We hold ourselves to a high standard of job performance and behavior. We will be responsible for our successes. We will work to recognize and act when we can improve.


We are proud to be members of the Rio Verde Fire District and understand that service delivery is critical for our customers. We will be empathetic and demonstrate care for those we serve and each other.



We have the professional knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver excellent service. We pay attention to and recognize the needs of the community and the Rio Verde Fire District.


We are knowledgeable about our service delivery and consistently look for ways to improve our service. Our members are educated and look for opportunities to broaden and improve our knowledge and skills.



We have a diverse membership and community. We value our differences and will demonstrate fairness in our words and actions to ensure a culture that is inviting to everyone.


The safety of our community is our highest priority. We focus on our operational safety through competence, effectiveness, and critical decision-making. We maintain the wellness of our members through their preparation, resilience, and with fire district support. We can't protect the one's we serve, if we can't protect ourselves.

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