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RVFD recently replaced their 22 year old back up ambulance, which had 400,000 miles, with a newer ambulance. The Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Fire Department (FMYNFD) took delivery of a new ambulance earlier this year. With the new ambulance in service, the FMYNFD asked if we were interested in buying a 2010 ambulance that needed a new engine for $1. The RVFD Fire Board approved purchase of the ambulance and installation a new diesel engine for $20K. New lettering and modifications to the patient area were also needed. We were able to replace the old ambulance with a newer vehicle for under 25K. New ambulance costs can exceed 200K, and used ambulances can exceed 100K, so this was a great investment for the community. Back up vehicles are needed when frontline apparatus go in for preventive maintenance and repair.


Photo: Engineer Jamie Hughes (right) and Firefighter Paramedic Heath Hewson (Left) stand in front of the new RVFD backup ambulance.